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30% Federal Tax Credit & CSI Rebate add up to 45% Savings!


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 The Clean Energy Advantage:

  30% Solar Tax Credit & CSI Rebates up to $1.10  per Watt.

Compare Pricing on all Brands of  Solar Panels and Save!

Why pay more when you can get a quality installation at an affordable price?




Clean Energy Solar Systems, Inc. is your local Solar Energy Professional.  Solar will save you money while helping the environment and become a great long lasting investment.  New Technology and 30% Federal tax credits make Solar pay for itself in 5-8 years, then FREE electricity. This is similar to guaranteed 15% interest investment, and your savings increase as the price of electricity goes up!



We provide personal service and exceptional quality. All of our services and products are guaranteed. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value is why Clean Energy Solar Systems rates highest in customer satisfaction.










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We are a Solar Installations Service company experienced in a wide variety of PV Solar Systems.  We offer turn-key contracting solutions for Solar Sales, Distribution, Consulting and Construction Companies.  We have dedicated ourselves to continuously grow and keep up with the ever evolving technology in order to remain cutting edge.

As a specialized Solar Installation Company we offer exceptional skill in delivering the best appearance on each roof or ground mounted system. We are often praised for aesthetically pleasing work in addition to our skilled technical expertise. We provide "in house" Engineering & Permit preperation services.  Our Dedicated Contractor is licensed, insured and  equipped to provide a safe, productive and efficient installation on each and every project we install. We take great pride in our work and continually strive to assure our clients receive the absolute best. 

Our installation team has extensive experience servicing the Building & Design Industries. Since 1990,  our pride of work, perfectionist attitude and fine attention to detail has earned us a reputation as a five star organization and continues to add to our growing recognition in the Solar Industry.